Law enforcement, however, has not confirmed if those remains

Near the site of the pickup, other bones, including a skull, were found. Law enforcement, however, has not confirmed if those remains belonged to Dumontet.While foul play hasn’t been completely ruled out, Grand Forks County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Hillebrand said a preliminary look at the remains show injuries consistent with an accident. Furthermore, all of the windows in the truck were broken and the vehicle sustained “significant damage,” he said.”It’s still early in the process, but no foul play is suspected at this time,” Hillebrand said.It is unknown if icy roads or a health condition contributed to the accident, but a full autopsy of the remains will be complete in a couple weeks, Grand Forks County Sheriff Bob Rost said.Following the discovery of the prosthetic limb, Idaho law enforcement officials then flew a helicopter in the area where it was discovered and found Dumontet’s vehicle about 500 yards away from the interstate.A photo of the scene provided by law enforcement shows a steep wholesale nfl jerseys from china, wooded cliff to the north of the interstate.

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