I can state, without hesitation, that Chua is not the typical

If Chua daughters balked at their mother relentless pressure to perfect a musical piece (the girls could choose between piano and violin https://www.cheapnflsalejerseys.com/, and daily practice sessions were up to two or three hours), Chua used methods that she claims came right out of the Chinese mothering toolbox: food deprivation, verbal abuse, barring bathroom breaks wholesale jerseys from china, and (take a deep breath) threatening to burn the children stuffed animals or donate a treasured dollhouse to the Salvation Army. (Nothing in the writing suggested this was a joke.) Though her two girls, now presumably teenagers, were standouts academically and musically, with her oldest girl even once performing in Carnegie Hall, her draconian tactics revolted countless readers including me. I can state, without hesitation, that Chua is not the typical Chinese mother..

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